Jason L. Holm

Video Production

Tutorial Videos

These videos are from a series of curricula created at a former company. I had to learn the source material, outlined a script, and recorded the voices and screen using Camtasia Studio.


Here I taught the students about if/then statements using Actionscript in Adobe Flash. Used in the Web Game Development curriculum.

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Parallel Sequences

Here I taught the students about two lines of code running simultaneously using LEGO's NXT robotics software. Used in the Robots and Invention curriculum.

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Edutainment Videos

These videos are from a series I created called Tech Tree Talks. I wrote, recorded the voices, gathered the images and music, and produced these videos from scratch in Adobe Premiere.


An introduction to the concepts this series would be based on.

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Homo Sapiens

A look at our species.

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Stone Thrower

Talking about the logistics of throwing objects.

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Civics Part 1

A review of the civics in Caveman to Cosmos.

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Civics Part 2

A continuation of the civics discussion.

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Discussing our ancestors, the Australopithecus.

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Base Camp

Talking about how to consider the first city in the game as more of a base camp than an actual settlement.

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