Jason L. Holm

3D Modeling



Humdrum render

Humdrum is a default model I created for a group of characters I call the Mims. I sketched out the internal and external proportions and modeled it in Blender.

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Search and Rescue RoboDog

Cave Kid render

This robotic dog was created for a search and rescue robotic competition where students would program robots to locate a fire and put it out. The model was created in 3ds Max.

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Cave Kid

Cave Kid render

I created a prehistoric youngster for use in animations. Made in Blender.

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A humanoid figure used for animations. Made in Blender.

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3D human

An attempt at creating a more realistic human model. Made in Blender.

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Roller Skating Rink

Gimble ties his roller skates

A version of my Mim character Gimble Zagnut in a 3D animation where he creates a skating rink and tries roller skating. Made in Blender.

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Glidden Room Painter

Glidden room painter

This room was modeled in Blender to be used in an interactive website.

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A bedroom used as the background of an experimental Flash game. Modeled in 3ds Max.

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Woochies snap

There was a proposed case for the iPhone that would have had a series of holes on the back. These snaps were designed for a client to fit those holes to allow one to customize their phone case. Alas, the case didn't happen. Created in Blender and Photoshop.

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Minecraft Figure

Minecraft figure

This was a model of a Minecraft figure to scale that could be created out of physical materials -- wood or 3D printed. The model was created in Blender, and the diagram with measurements was created in Illustrator.

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The Glass Shell

glass shell

A world contained in a spinning glass snail shell. Gravity would push inhabitants to the outer interior surface, and air would be kept inside due to the moving pressure. Traveling into space would be as easy as walking off the end of the world. Made in Blender.

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A model of the Coronavirus. Made in Blender.

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The default tutorial donut every 3D modeler makes nowadays (assuming they all used the same YouTube tutorial). Made in Blender.

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FlashNotes logo

This logo was created for a client's website. Made in Blender and Photoshop.

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GameCube Intro

My attempt at recreating the Nintendo GameCube intro in Blender.

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Swing World Productions

Swing World title

Logos and titles for an old website of mine. Created in Infini-D and Photoshop.

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Eclectic Platypus Studios

Eclectic Platypus Studios in stone

Page logo for a website I set up in college. Created in Infini-D and Photoshop.

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Tangled Web

Tangled Web logo

Some simple models for a company logo. Made in Infini-D and Photoshop.

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Dawn Enterprises, Inc.

Dawn Enterprises logo

A logo for a company website. Made in Infini-D.

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